Time Tracking Software  

  How Time Tracking Software Works  

How Time Tracking Software Works

Time Tracking Software is a work time tracking tool that helps the management to record the time spent by an individual i.e. by a company’s employee or self-employed individual.

Individuals can be referred to the one who is the self-employed person hired on a contractual basis to works on a specified project from a remote place for completion a specified task and is paid in one-off or as per his time spent in the completion of the project OR a company’s employee who is a full-time worker in a company.

For tracking and maintaining the record of the time spent by Individuals on the project, the role of time tracking software comes. It is the best software which is fully secure, fast and easy to use.

Come have a look at what facilities Online time tracking Software provides to management to track the tasks and time spent by a freelancer on the tasks of the project:-

  1. Efficiency Calculator:- This is a perfect tool which can measure the efficiency of an individual and helps management in comparing the strength of the individual and letting them know the area of improvement.
  2. Time tracking:- Online Time Tracking Software maintains the data of the time spent by an individual on a project and the total hours spent by an individual on tasks of the project.  
  3. Project allotment:- Management can assign a project to an individual and an individual can be assigned one or more projects at a time. An individual can mention the number of hours spent on the task on daily basis. The timesheet filled by an individual is sent to the line manager and line manager can approve or reject the timesheet.
  4. Attendance:- A company needs to maintain the attendance of its employees and time tracking software has a separate panel for attendance. Attendance is automatically marked for the employee when an individual submits his / her timesheet. Attendance can also be modified by management manually.
  5. Invoice/payroll:- Time Tracking Software automatically generates the payslip of the individuals which is customizable and can be modified by the management. Management can also forward the payslip to an individual on just a click.

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