Online Time Recorder Software

Online Time Recorder Software

Online Time Recorder Software

Online Time Recorder Software is a complex system which allows millions of time entries globally with no restriction attached to it. To view any data for an employee or line managers requires planning and designing. We have built a recorder from the start with restriction.

Line Managers are able to view employees recording but another way around is not possible. Our configuration management system designates line manager per employee and attaches need to know basis profile to the line manager.

All-time recording entries are first being validated before being part of the persistent data. When all the formalities are completed and verified, recorded data is persisted for the use.

Online Time Recorder Software makes use of historical time entries and provides detailed recording information. All the recording data is archived as per business rules and made available 24 hours a day functioning as real-time time recording with no failures.

Online Time Recorder Software provides a useful history for the line management and administrator useful for maintenance.

Online Time Recorder Software allows resources to save and edit timesheet at any time. Resources can recall and amend their timesheet. It allows management to approve or reject timesheet before being recorded. Management has total autonomy on rejection to prevent unauthorized data being recorded.

Our Online Time recorder software is web-based and functions on all the devices available today. It is one of the finest affordable time recording software in the market.


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