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Time Keeper Software

  Time Keeper Software  

Our Online Time Keeper Software is comprehensively built with the configurable data format.

Online Time Keeper Software allows the format in any shape or form, our  Online Time Keeper Software deduces a number of hours after striping the data.

Time Keeper has configurable validation rules to capture time and validate it. During time entry navigation software check for time entry validation errors and reports it back to the user. It also prevents from submitting time entry for persisting thus preventing any bad data persisted in the system

Time Keeper allows multiple entries per timesheet. The employee is allowed to enter one-time keeper entry per project or the resources used. Our Time Keeper software automatically accumulates and submits the cumulative time thus improving the performance.

Online Time Keeper software is cloud-based and available in real time. There is no need for office hours. Timesheets can be submitted anytime and the system takes appropriate action. Time Keeper data is approved data. Any unprocessed or unapproved data is kept for consistency and historical purposes but only approved data is used for processing for time and cost calculation for the project.

Online Time Keeper software is user-centric with simple entries for submission. All complexities are taken away from employees and built into an integral part of the system. Online Time Keeper has a built-in calendar to take into account for holidays and any other approved leaves. The calendar also provides useful staff information to the management visually for help in case of an emergency.

Online Time Keeper Software data is used for Project management as well as payroll management. Online Time Keeper maintains the periodic history and available on the time. Time Keeper payroll is very basic and only thee to provide HR and accounts basic timekeeper hours. No national or international tax laws are applied.

What is Time Keeper Software

  What is Time Keeper Software ?

Time Keeper software which monitors and persists employee timekeeping records for an organization and provides helps to manage and organization project and resources within the system.

Time Keeper software stores approved or unapproved time entries in the system. A software which is capable of providing historic and as well as live information the employee or management at all the time.

Time Keeper software which helps Human Resources in the organization to keep track of employee hours and maintains attendance automatically overriding manual records.

Time Keeper software which helps the project manager to calculate and estimate project cost given a number of resources. It allows to function efficiently and within the budget.

All the organization these days works on a very slim budget and cost maintenance is a very crucial part of any timesheet or Time Keeper related information.

For safety and security of the employee’s Time Keeper with the attendance, the software ensures or provides valuable information to the team lead, team manager or human resources information. In case of fire, attendance is must and Time Keeper satisfies this goal.

Online Time Keeper software active and function in real time for national and international companies. A vital and important part of the organization without would require a lot of manual effort and efficiency will deteriorate.


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