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Online Time Entry Software

  Online Time Entry Software  

 OnlineTime Entry Software is designed to enter daily time Monday to Saturday number of times depending on number of projects worked. There is no restriction for how many time entries per day are permitted. Our software provides total freedom over it and makes it flexible online time entry system. Every employee has an option to include multiple time entry as per time spent on projects. Our time entry software is suitable for single entry or multiple entries.

Our Online Time Entry software is fully configurable allowing managers to change time format as required by their organizations. Every organization has different working hours and different pattern. Companies have different pattern for contingent worker and different pattern for employees. We have allowed configurable pattern to maximize uses of the time entry software.

Our Online Time entry Software has some validation rules present which checks whether it meets the requirement for full-time, part-time and contingent workers. Online Time Entry Software allows time to be entered on daily or as desired basis.

Online Time entry Software requires an entry per project and there can be any number of entries for tasks done. It aggregates all the entries and calculates daily working hours and weekly working hours. All the time entries submitted and approved are archived and made available for further processing.

Online Time Entry software has historical database which stores all the current and the past time entries. This is quite critical as time entries are challenged and for audit purposes.

With our resource cost calculator one can determine how much per employee is costing on the daily basis, weekly basis or monthly basis. A total count down or per employee and per resource can be obtained in real time making it the most important tool for the senior management. They have all the data available all the time.
Online Timesheet Entry Software

  Online Timesheet Entry Software  

 Online Timesheet Entry Software provides extended resource information which enables the line manager or administrator to manage effectively.

Online Timesheet Entry Software Scheduler reminds management and resources when the timesheet is due which makes timesheet smart and provides added benefit to the organization. All the reminders are sent automatically overnight through email with approval and the submission links making it easier to carry out and process it.

Online Timesheet Entry Software provides configuration facilities for normal part and full-time hours along with whether overtime facility is permitted and allowed.

All the timesheet entries are fed to inbuilt attendance register which calculates number of hours worked and records absence, leave, full day or half day. Attendance business rules are pre-configured but each organization can feed their own rules and built an attendance calendar for employee and the management. Line mangers have full control over the calendar to make adjustments.

Online Timesheet Entry Software Payroll has no impact on holidays leaves in salary calculation. Online Timesheet Payroll Software lets account department to take care of it. All the payroll and account related assumed to be done manually and the system has no role to play in it, Online Timesheet Entry software provides payroll data but calculations are done manually.


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