Online Time Tracking System  

Online Time Tracking System
Online time tracking System

  Online Time Tracking System  

Online Time Tracking system is a web-based solution which is operated on the secured cloud platform and provides full availability of the system in real-time. Online Time Tracking system compromises all the timesheet software and enhances and enriches system functionality with the help of the cloud.

Time Tracking System is responsible for keeping track of all system resources along with the performance which should work optimally all the time without any comprises. There is 24×7 support provided for the tracking system which is also self-managed.

Time Tracking System is a complete package suitable for small to medium size companies and can serve up to 500 resources. On the similar note Time, Tracking System can be used by individuals and Freelancers. It is configured to ensure organization needs and can be managed by the administrator or system developers to further enhance the functionality.

Online Timesheet allows detailed hours spent on the project along with the allocated project code. Our System allows hourly recording but in reality, it takes care of weekly and monthly time entries. When the time entries are first submitted by the tracking system they are temporarily persisted and not processed. Only when the week or month or whenever time span is completed and time entries are approved by the system manager, line manager or the client then they have put it into the motion for processing for billing, invoicing, resources calculations and other tasks.

Online Time Tracking system has advance approval system with two-factor authentications, which means all the timesheet are approved or rejected based on the entry and finally approved or rejected by the line manager or authoritative personnel. The whole process is intuitive and it is designed to protect individual time records and the personal data.

Time Tracking system is fully operable on multiple devices including iPhone, Android devices and desktops.

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