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Online Time Tracking Software

  Online Time Tracking Software  

Online Time Tracking Software is one of the best manageable tracking software which allows real time tracking of the employee time and the resources used. Real-Time tracking is very critical when we are working around the world and everyone needs visibility of the time and the resources.
Our Online Time Tracking Software has built in data entry and time entry for the organization where every employee can enter their worked hours on daily, weekly or monthly basis. It is critical that all the data is present as accurate as possible to avoid delay in payments and mis calculation of the resources. Built in tracking time entry enables companies, business to fine tune their cost and provide customers with the live data.
Online Time Tracking Software has comprehensive policy configuration for Time Card which allows our system to intercept and check validation of time card and time entries. Out built in mobile friendly user-friendly interface enables employees to take full advantage of it. All the time card entries are validated before being persisted by the software stopping any errors at the earliest stage. All the validation logic is configurable by the system administrators.
We have built in full data storage capability for time entry for time keeper to process and make it available for approval to the line manager or human resources. It allows online time tracking software to provide full visual for employees and full-time tracking facilities for management.
Online Time Tracking has attendance logic as integral part of the time-tracking software allowing leave, sick, absence or presence to be maintained by human resources or the team who is responsible for disaster recovery in case of an emergency.
Overall our time tracking software provides full timesheet facilities including managing a project code and a very basic payroll. Its well suited for small business, freelancers, small to medium size companies and individuals.

What is Time Tracking Software

  What is Online Time Tracking Software ? 

  Online Time Tracking is a simple piece of software which maintains time records for employees and allows the organization to manage the project, payroll and resources.
which allows attendance logic and timekeeping both being an integral part of the time tracking software.
A modern time tracking software provides full calendar facilities which are updated by the line manager or the system when the timesheet is approved.
It should be able to monitor all time tracking reports live to the management and the employees to reconcile it.

These are the following basic features as follows
Software available in real time 24 x 7
Team and Line Manager have full control over their staff

Project management to track resources against staff
Time Tracking Software able to provide timesheet history and conventional report to the management.
It is cloud-based which is extensible without occurring any software changes.
Its simple to use and functions on desktops as well as all the mobile devices and tablets.
Finally, an affordable time tracking software available free.


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