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Online Time Tracker Software

  Online Time Tracker Software  

 Online Time Tracker Software is designed to maintain project statistics. A project is allocated a unique code and management associated with it. The resource can book their time against the project code. Which can be used by management to control budget and maintain viable timescale.
Our software allows multiple time tracking entries and each and everyone can have its own assigned code which means if an employee is given five tasks a day. The employee is able to enter five project codes. It is very versatile allows multiple projects time tracking entries insertion at any time.
In Our Time Tracker Software, once an employee submits the timesheet then line manager can see the hours’ details using time entry software, project name with date and day, and can take appropriate action. If timesheet not filed properly timesheet is rejected with comments and resubmit option is given. Approval and Rejection process is secure to ensure that no raw that unauthorized data is made part of the system.
All the time tracking entries persisted are authorized and could be used for billing, invoicing or tracking purposes. Once in the system, all time tracking entries are archived and made available for historical tracking entries or for analysis and forecasting. Timesheet Tracking Calculator helps to estimate organization resources and the costs of the project.
Online Time Tracker software dashboard provides complete facility to maintain the project. The project can be grouped assigned to the project manager, project team or individual resources.
Online Time Tracker Software project hours can be viewed as overall spent or overall spent by individual users. Project Hourly Detail is a unique functionality provided by our Online Time Tracker Software, Line Manager and admin can see the employee hourly details with the details of project name and working hours and can maintain the freelancers’ payroll.


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