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Online Time Keeper Software Keeps Time Entries Simple
Can someone imagine how many timesheets entries around the world stored manually or on their individual devices and they are only accessible with someone knowing the location and details? The world must have accumulated trillions of timesheet data entries and they are sporadically spread everywhere without any due care or knowledge.

At Business Integration Software Ltd we take data and security very seriously; our Time Keeper software is fully integrated with eTimesheet Plus package. We have adopted a cloud-based storage platform to store data in various places, every entry is validated, approved and secure which makes our Time Recorder software safe and trustable. Safety and security place an important role in any organization where data is kept as per attendee or employee. We have introduced 2 Factor Authorization where every time record before it can be considered as valid Time Keeper entry requires authentication. Once all the entries successfully entered and authenticated then and then only designated manager or heads gets to approve or reject the time record.

Line Manager or Team lead has its own responsibility for rejection and approval. Online Timesheet Software has a company or organization set up as desired by individuals. Line Manager or Heads has access to all the configured data. They are allowed to see data as per their ability to do so. Every person, pupil or employee is configured differently and has the ability to do execute or process as per their designation. Our complex designation model either allows a trustable module to make approval or rejection decision.

As you can see clearly Online Time Keeper is an essential part of the timesheet and Time Recording facilitates it and works in conjunction with it. This is a vital part of any timesheet where we want only quality data to be stored into the cloud and safe and time entries from Time Recorder are only visible on the need to know basis.

Our Online Time Keeper Software has been designed with affordability in mind and timekeeper and time recorder makes its accessibility modular and simple. Severe planning and data handling approach is taken to provide the best timesheet available in the market at virtually no cost.

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