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Timesheet Calculator

  Timesheet Calculator  

Timesheet calculator plays an important role in calculating resources usages, the cost associated with the projects, costs associated with the employees and overall overhead of an organization.

Our Online Timesheet Software has integrally built timesheet calculator to provide real-time information with the line manager, senior management and the clients. Our Timesheet Software provides a fine granular architecture for time entry which is the main hub for calculation. Every single entry is well scrutinized and then persisted into the timesheet database for further processing and resources and cost calculations. All the time entries are based on the business rules which enable correct costing for time calculations.

Employee and Resources are allowed to enter multiple time entries on daily basis for a number of projects they have worked. There can be more than 100 entries per timesheet for some contingent and freelancers. Our Timesheet Calculator is cloud-based and utilizes horizontal scaling to provide a most effective powerful timesheet calculator.

All the time entries are stored as per business rules which means if management or line managers need to compare and contrast any past calculation our historical viewer can provide all the facilities associated with it. Historical adjustment and calculation make this as one of the best features where either calculation can be invoked manually or scheduled automatically by our online timesheet software.

All timesheet calculations need to be verified and approved. Our Online Timesheet Calculator provides authorisation to the time entries which are approved by the client or line managers or the senior management. Any unauthorised entries are suspended until they are resolved and made it part of the timesheet calculator. This prevents any external interference and makes our calculator secure.

Our Timesheet Calculator is designed for national and international use and available twenty-four hours and seven days week which makes it more usable and affordable timesheet calculator in the modern today.


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