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Simple Timesheet Program

 Simple Timesheet Program  

Simple Timesheet Program for a simple mind, user-friendly. It allows all the timesheet software functionality but makes it easier for novice and general users.

Timesheet Tracking Program is fully configurable and can be configured for an employee, line manager, human resources and payroll system. A restriction will apply and the visibility of the option will be based on their rights.

Our software is pre-configured but can be tailored for an organization to suit their needs to operate optimally.

It allows easy data entry for daily recording, all entries are filtered and validating before persisting into the database. Once the database is populated time entries are variable to everyone in the organization depending on their authorization rights and visibility. With this facility, it makes the system very flexible and can be managed by anyone. It worked on all the devices provided they are connected to the net and the internet facilities are available. All security login as per standard is provided and should be used with caution like not sharing any of the authentication data. The system is built to overcome security shortfalls as well.

It automatically calculates (Timesheet Caculator) daily worked hours and adds to the weekly hours and monthly hours. All the data entered is archived until an employee or the staff wants to submit to their heads or line managers. In this case, two-factor authentication takes place before the validation process kicks off. Line Manager has the ability to approve and allow further usages of it. Once system accomplished all time entries for a week or month it is now archived for historical and other purposes. Once in the system cannot be deleted or purchased. It is to prevent accidentally losing data and complying with any regulations associated with the timesheet program.

It manages resources and small payroll for individuals and freelancers.

It provides all in one package all timesheet application requirement.


Simple Timesheet Program
Simple Timesheet Program


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