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With the advancement in technology and a move towards digitalization, there was a need for a Online Timesheet Software and a helping hand for management. Online Timesheet Software is a time tracking software which helps in tracking the time spent on each project by a specific employee. As each project has a pre-decided timescale and time bars in which each section of work is to be completed. Online Timesheet Software helps in matching these time bars and being on the right track. Timesheet also helps us in maintaining the financial strategies and meeting them by following the time scale.  

Let us know some interesting features of Online Timesheet Software:-

  1. Project Management:- Projects are managed by the admins and admins allot projects to employees. An employee notes the number of hours spent by him on each project on daily basis. This special feature automatically marks the attendance of that employee. The project breakdown feature helps the management to know how much time has been spent by each employee on a specific project.
  2. Attendance management:- Attendance can be marked by the management. For making it more user-friendly and easy to understand timesheet has different colors for Full day leave, half day, holiday etc.  It also keeps the record of the company holidays.
  3. Payroll:- Online Timesheet software has customizable white labeled payroll system which is very flexible and easy to create. Online timesheet also has a function to send the generated payroll slip to employees if required
  4. Freelancer Work Tracking:- Online Timesheet  helps the management to track the work spent by a freelancing employee on a project and helps in maintaining their payrolls

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