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Electronic Timesheet Program
Electronic Timesheet Program

  Electronic Timesheet Program  

Electronic Timesheet Program functions in the same vein as Timesheet Programs. They both utilize all the functionalities embedded in the Online Timesheet Software comprising of Resource Management, Project Code Management, Attendance Calendar, Basic Payroll software along with all-time tracking, time entries and time validation modules.

The idea behind Electronic Timesheet Program is to automate everything including your daily attendance and timekeeping processes and let the system handle everything electronically.  Our programs are totally configurable and enable an online timesheet application to manage and run the program effectively and efficiently. All the scheduling and simple timesheet program reminders take place automatically without any intervention from the personnel. Timesheet program is self-managed and operates itself.

Timesheet provides all the time entry, electronic timesheet program provides all the calculation behind it maintaining holiday, leave and attendance calendar. An inclusion of timesheet attendance calendar makes it interesting and provides extra functionality to the line managers and administrator to track employee attendance automatically and provide a calendar per resource or per employee.

Electronic Timesheet Program has mini resource and built upon small pluggable modules allowing the program to be small and manageable. This is one of the top features which makes this program available to individuals, freelancers, small organizations and medium-size companies.

It provides all historical data for users and the management. Furthermore, time entry and timesheets data can be used for analysis to improve the overall project or resource preformation.  All intensive What is Time Tracking Software? (tasks) are taken care of by the program itself, users just need to feed with the care data and program takes care of itself. Historical data in the future can be applied to data science technology and artificial intelligence to make Electronic Timesheet Program as a robot manging with zero tolerance.

Our app is mobile friendly and runs on iPhone, Android, Tablets and all the electronic devices.  

Electronic Timesheet Program
Electronic Timesheet Program


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