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Online Timesheet Information. Online Timesheet Software is one of the products designed by Business Integration Software Ltd. 

Business Integration Software Timesheet Software

Online Timesheet Software

Online Timesheet Software is one of Business Integration Software Ltd. application brand. 

Business Integration Software Ltd. (BIS) registered in England (UK) is an industry-leading specialist in the field of Product and Research and Development.  

Online Examination SoftwareOnline Assessment Software, Online Examination System, Online Test SoftwareDirect Network Marketing SoftwareMulti Level MarketingDirect Selling Software, MLM SoftwareService Management SoftwareWarehouse Data Mart SoftwarePeople Management Dashboard along with Scientific and Bio-genetic applications 

BIS has a number of facilities worldwide and have an offshore software development center in India. It is an established company with a number of years of experience in delivering high-quality Software development, training, and consultancy services across a wide range of technologies.  

BIS have experience in both the public and private sector and are in great demand due to our broad coverage of technologies and the ability to create effective solutions inside tight deadlines. 

At BIS, our team has worked for some of the business world’s biggest names, on some of their most important projects. We have experience in both the public and private sector and are in great demand due to our broad coverage of technologies and the ability to create effective solutions inside tight deadlines. 


Business Integration Software Time Tracking Software


Hey, I am the Managing director of the Company. I am an expert in management. I have 15+ years of experience.  

Business Integration Software Time Management Software


Hello, I am the CEO and the founder of the Company. I am an expert programmer with 25+ years of experience. 

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Hi, I am the executive  director of Business Integration Software. I have an immense Business knowledge and its trends with experience of 3+ years

Customer Reviews

Business Integration Software eTimesheet

Nelson Nazareth (M.D, Biogen, U.K)

BIS have been working with Bio-Gene for over 10 yrs to provide bespoke software for our Life Science instrumentation and website. The team have been diligent, helpful and worked closely with our team of scientists & engineers to achieve the desired goals.

Business Integration Software Timesheet Application

Nick Clark (Omicron, U.K.)

BIS worked closely with Omicron developing software for scientific instrument control. They listen and implement our feature requests and create excellent and stable software products.

Business Integration Software eTimesheet Software

Julia brides

Business Integration Software has pioneered in building custom test assessment software. Our OTP offers the most powerful user-friendly computer based software at a very affordable price.

Business Integration Software Free Timesheet

Dr. Harald Polivka (CEO,STAIB INSTRUMENTS GmbH.)

Staib Instrument has been working with BIS for more than 10 years. BIS developed our software packages for semiconductor surface analysis. They have always been a reliable and creative partner for our software development projects.

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