Adding a project 

Online Timesheet Software Project provides a simplified way to add a project. Adding facilities or rights are given to administrator or project managers.  

Online Timesheet Project Software requires the project to book time against it. It is very simple project booking system for timesheets. 

Administrators or Managers can create a project and assign employee against it. 

A project has a unique code per organization, there can be multiple projects code and categorized as desired. Project code should be used when filling timesheets. 

Timesheet validation process checks whether project code is allocated per data or per time entry in the sheet. An employee can have multiple data entries and each entry can be a different day of a week. 

All these complicated magic rules are built into validation logic which is triggered before approval is given. 

Controlling Online Timesheet Project Software

 Online Timesheet Project Software allows to view the project in a simple way for quick analysis.  

Lists all the projects. 

Lists all the resources against the project. 

Calculates overall project cost for management. 

Provides quick overview and details about the project. 

Project can be activated and deactivated. 

Project can be controlled by management.