Employee Attendance Management System  

Employee Attendance Management System

  Employee Attendance Management System  

Employee Attendance Management System allows Time Tracking and manages employees’ timesheets as well as their attendance records. Our software allows both to be managed by the employee itself or the line mThe administrator

nistrator has full access to the Online Employee Attendance Management System where it can assign or re-assign permissions to individual or line managers. Line Managers are allowed to manage its resources and is empowered to do it.

Managing timesheets as well as attendance jointly makes its interesting software but similarly complements each other and gives the best functionality all in one to the users.

Online Employee Attendance Management System has full blown time entry and attendance database which stores all the timesheets and attendance activities. Management and Employee both have full access to the data if designated or configured by the administrator.  Time Entries can be million and requires intense system resources. We have built the system on the cloud to provide seamless operation and good feel user experience to the organization and companies.

Attention is paid to the security where verification is enforced before allowing any attendance or time entries to be processed and made public to individuals. This extra level of protection is provided to ensure as a result of negligence client is not given any unprocessed information which is detrimental to the company or business. Both employee and resources use two-factor authentications for submitting time entries or the attendance protecting against misuse of the security token.

Online Employee Attendance Management System historical data is readily available to the management which is further used for research and development and for analyzing and forecast running cost of the projects or resources. Similar information can be used for billing and invoicing to the client which makes Online Employee Attendance Management System best in the market for all intent and purpose.


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