Attendance Tracking Software  

Attendance Tracking Software

  Attendance Tracking Software  

Online Attendance Tracking Software is designed management and employee to track their daily weekly or monthly attendance.  

The management has special permission with the Online Attendance Tracking Software to adjust, modify and verify attendance. If in dispute reject and challenged individuals.

Online Attendance Tracking Software comes with the custom calendar provides bank and company holidays and other tracking facilities.  

It also allows each employee to submit attendance manually as well rely on automatic insertion by the system. With Online Attendance Tracking supervisor or management can submit their employees’ attendance.  

Attendance Tracking Software also integrated with project management filling attendance automatically. Having integrated with project management and the resource management it allows the system to capture and store against the project which helps management to monitor and inspect project progress. This feature is best suited for management where have constant pressure on project delivery and some of the projects are based on hourly income gives a strong tool to justify it.  

One of the strong usages is for billing to the client. When time entries have submitted a project, the code is allocated to the entry. An employee can enter any number of time entries with a different project. Our software accumulates all the entries and project codes and estimates number of days worked against the project code, which helps in the billing process. This is one of side feature bonus which sits on top of the basic payroll processing module which also calculates resource cost based on the number of hours worked.

Attendance Tracking Software incorporates bank and public holidays. It allows you to enter public bank holidays on year by year basis to suit and meet organization needs.  Freelancers, small business and individuals can utilize attendance tracking facilities for a number of usages such as billing, payroll, resource management and finally including project management at an affordable price.


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