Online Attendance Management Software  

Online Attendance Management Software

  Online Attendance Management Software  

Online Attendance Management Software keeps track of permanent and temporary staff details which helps in payroll, resource management and research and development.

It is designed for management and human resources to keep track of work activities progress and mismanagement of resources.

All the information pertaining to the attendance is obtained from timesheet software and the attendance calendar both packages works together to provide constructive and powerful attendance management.

Online Attendance Management Software enables management and resource to see their individual calendar and adjust leaves.  Human Resources, Line Managers and individuals have full access to the read and write days time tracking entries whereas other members have readability capabilities.

Online Attendance Management Software enables staff to record their attendance manually except for the public holidays which is triggered by the system. There is also an auto attendance facility which is triggered when time entries are persisted and entered into the system.

Attendance Management Software facilitates manager to adjust leave by group department or organization basis.  It is most flexible and gives visual representation on a department by department and team by team making it suitable for management and usages.

It is one of the critical features of Attendance Management Software online where a full-blown calendar is visual with appropriate colour coding to ease viewability.

It monitors the overall Timesheet attendance of employees and the calculate total full day leaves, half days and holidays in a month wise and week wise. 

 There is also a historical calendar module as an integral part of the overall system. All attendance and time entries are archived and made available for future use. Our software provides a historical calendar for reconciliation and audit matters. If a challenged system can retrieve all the calendar entries and re-calculate cost for resources or the projects. Which makes it one of the best affordable Online Attendance Management Software today.


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