Online Timesheet Software

 Online Timesheet Software  

Online Timesheet Software, exclusively developed by Business Integration Software Ltd for timesheet management. Provides comprehensive timesheet functionality and supports live in real-time.

A Timekeeper and Time Recorder provides time tracking of employees, project costs and attendance and many more features which are needed for timesheet software.

Our software offers an end-to-end solution for resources time management and time reporting best suited as a general purpose timesheet software for every need.

Online Timesheet Software designed to maintain a full time, part time and contingent worker s timesheet electronically where it can be globally accessed. It provides global timesheets and resource management and makes employee timesheet tracking fast, simple and incredibly easy to manage.

Online Timesheet Software is comprehensive and fully self-supported.

Online Timesheet Software has rich project management facilities. In any organization, resource plays a vital role in managing its resources and resource in the hierarchy.

Online Timesheet Software comprehensive resources management allow for creating and assigning roles. Where each and task along with resource can be allocated on the need to know basis. It provides basic project management, whereas time can be allocated against the project and further used for overall project costs and estimates. Automatically calculates a number of days worked from the attended time and calculates associate salary corresponding with it.

It has very basic payroll system without any frills allowing small companies to pay staff electronically. For instance, payroll can be assigned to HR and the only HR will have access to Online Timesheet Software.

Online Timesheet Software fully maintains resources history and provides up to date live information. Online Timesheet Software is available 24 hours a day and can be used remotely. Our Online Timesheet Software is mobile friendly and can be used on any mobile devices.

Online Timesheet time entry is critical to all the organization, our software maintains all the approved entries and makes it available for multi purposes including research and development along with pay, project and resource analysis.

Our Timesheet Software is made affordable for worldwide accessibility.

Best Online Timesheet Software

  Best Online Timesheet Software  

What makes our Timesheet Software is the Best Online Timesheet Software today?

Our Online Timesheet Software is designed for small businesses and individuals in mind and user interface are kept simple and intuitive allowing everyone to enjoy and cherish entering time data.
With recent boost in the mobile intensity, our software is mobile friendly and works on iPhone, Android, Tablets, Desktops, iPad or any other mobile devices provided internet facility is available and equipped with the latest browser on the device. Its web-based technology makes it totally installation free. No complex installation procedures are required.

Once the organization is designed and made valid by Business Integration Software Ltd, a link with an organization code will be supplied. Here onwards you can self-managed our Online Timesheet Software. Security is deep to our heart and all the possibility including two-factor authentications is used where desired. Login dashboard is quite comprehensive and guides you through the inception till you submit your timesheets.

Submission of timesheet kept to the absolute minimum with security and validation in mind. All the data entered first its get validated by our complex validation engine ensuring all time entries are correct and conform to the organization configuration module. There are a number of sets of configurations for full-time staff, part-time staff, contingent staff and temporary staff. The administrator has full control over it and able to set a number of worked requires as it fits the company.

All timesheet entries are validated by the business logic and then sent to the line manager for final approval and once it is been officially approved, timesheet entry persistency, archiving and processing takes place. All the employees and the management are notified by the workflow to keep track of their working hours and details pertaining to invoicing and billing.

With the above feature listed, it makes our Online Timesheet is the best software available today with zero or minimal cost.
Simple Timesheet Software

  Simple Timesheet Software  

Business Integration Software Ltd have designed Simple Timesheet Software to allow individuals, small companies, freelancers and organization to take full benefit from it. Simple Timesheet Software provides all the time tracking, time management and time related functionality without compromising on performance or availability.

Simple Timesheet Software is available all the time and based on the latest cloud technology where number of resources and time entries can be increased without affecting software or performance. Which makes it self-supported and totally automated. No administrator or resources are required to manage the software. Everything including scheduling runs on the cloud.

Simple Timesheet Software user interface is kept to absolutely minimum and made it intuitive for novice or skilled user. A help is given at all the point embedded in the software. It is totally configurable and functionality available is based on the role and authorization. Human Resources, Line Managers, Staff, Resource, Accountant and Executives are some of the configured role examples. Our software allows any roles to be configured dynamically.

There are number of attendance related features which give timesheets simple functionality to include if staff is present or absent helping organization contingency plans and allows to business to operate seamlessly.

A simple Timesheet Software user interface, easily driven by anyone can support Full Weekly Timesheet, Daily Timesheet, Monthly Timesheet or Hourly Timesheet. Easy Online Time Entry simplified online approval automatically.

Approval of Timesheet is available all the time in real-time, employee can send timesheet any time of the day for approval and manage the timesheet system effectively.
Timesheet provides unlimited user controls, restricted by the management to provide privacy. Its comprehensive time entry database provides electronic timesheet 24 x 7 which is recorded, archived and managed for future use. Employee and the management can always recover archived timesheets and reconcile it.

With all this above consideration our Simple Timesheet Software is free for limited period and well supported by use.

  What is Online Timesheet Software?  

What Is Online Timesheet Software

Online Timesheet Software is which is available in real time across the globe and provides all the time-related functionalities for any organization to run successfully.

Online Timesheet Software, which manages a number of time entries in any format which can be recalled for working hours, absent, leave or project cost.

It should be able to provide the following functionality: –

All worked hours should be totally configurable.

Should be able to submit on Daily basis, weekly basis or Monthly basis.

All time entries and timesheet entries should be persisted and recording of every detail should be playable all the time when required by an employee or the management.

All the time entries should be made available for audit if required.

Timesheet security should be considered very carefully and only employee itself should be able to submit its timesheet or its line manager in case of an emergency.

All timesheet entries should be configurable as per organization need. Configuration should be simple and easily adaptable to suit small business, individuals or small to medium size organization.

Timesheet approval process must be strict and secure and only valid timesheet entries should be approved and others should be rejected. All the rejected entries should be allowed to be submitted again and reprocessed by the system.

For low budget clients or businesses attendance facility should be incorporated within the timesheet system. Where a company can monitor if their staff is present or absent. A basic sick and leave management software should be an integral part of the attendance timesheet hence providing dual functionality. Attendance Timesheet calendar should be globally available and cater for national and International public holidays. Attendance Calendar should be managed by the staff itself, administrator and the line manager.

Finally, to allow the extensibility,  Online Timesheet Software should operate on the cloud and able to support any number of users and any number of timesheet entries.

Online Timesheet Management Software

  Online Timesheet Management Software  

Online Timesheet Management Software provides comprehensive details of all the project management and the Resource Management. 

Online Timesheet Management Software is a complete package which provides all the timesheet software facilities along with the full management of timesheet entries, timesheets projects and timesheets resources. 

Online Timesheet Management software provides live information to the management for time tracking. In order to provide live tracking data for all the employee’s system should be available all the time and fully horizontally extensible. 

Online Timesheet Management Software has built our web-based timesheet management on the cloud technology which allows us to increase the system resources dynamically without putting the system down. Our online timesheet management software has zero downtime and any changes take place dynamically without shutting down the system.

Online Timesheet Management Software provides time tracking and time management facilities. Both are a critical part of the timesheet software where time tracking of every employee and tracking of any projects or resources is a vital part of the system. Online Timesheet Management Software functionalities are designed from the first principle and made it modular.

Online Timesheet Management Software allows to calculate a number of days attended hence indirectly allowing holidays, leave and time and days attended facilities. Our Online Timesheet Management  Software extends its functionality to support Timesheet Attendance Management where a historic and live calendar is maintained to allow for public holidays, leave, sick and annual holidays. Staff and the line managers can drive the calendar and update as desired or as required.

Online Timesheet Management Software is for a small organization and caters for all their daily, weekly, monthly and yearly timesheet needs. Although it is designed for small to medium size companies with our cloud-based technology system should be able to cope over 10,000 resources at any time and a further extension to this would only require system resources with zero downtime.

Please call us if you need more help to purchase or try free Online Timesheet Management Software.

  Online Timesheet Management System  

Online Timesheet Management System

Online Timesheet Management System is a complete package where all the timesheet management system features are found in one place. As the name system applies Online Timesheet Management System provides all the internal and the external system activities starting from the email notification, scheduling tasks and providing system resources.

Our Online Timesheet Management System is cloud-based and available 24 hours a day. System availability, system self-diagnostics and system resources all are managed under the hood of the cloud which can be adjusted on demand with Online Timesheet management System.

Online Timesheet Management System is totally embraced with the cloud technology and takes full advantage of it. All the error handling and logging capabilities are taken care of by the cloud itself.

Our Online Timesheet Management System sits on the top of the cloud and provides all the time tracking, time entry, time recording and time management services.

Online Timesheet Management System provides Resource Entry, Project Entry, Pay Roll entry as ancillary services along with many other facilities. It has built-in project code management logic to allow every timesheet entry or time entry with the project code. This is the compulsory requirement and no entry will be accepted by the system unless it carries project code associated with it. Online Timesheet Management System Project code works in conjunction with the timesheet calculator to calculate organization overall costing of running a project or running a resource.

Online Timesheet Management System provides scheduled task to notify the management and the line managers to approve employee’s timesheet as well as notify employee or resource to fulfil their timesheet and submit to the system. Any internal communication is done via email or directly using online timesheet software where managers and users can invoke services and notifications.

Online Timesheet Management System is for small companies and business but fully encompasses all timekeeping, time recording and attendance facilities. Even medium to large size companies can fully utilize our Online Timesheet Management System.

Online Timesheet System

  Online Timesheet System  

Online Timesheet System provides overall support to the timesheet software providing full sets of resources to carry out functionality unattended and twenty-four hours a day. Any system in this generation must be mobile and internet friendly and provide services which are totally compatible with the mobile devices with no compromise in speed and Intuit.

Online Timesheet System should operate and function seamlessly when working on the desktops or any on the devices. Security and functionality which Online Timesheet System deserves should be fully internet compatible and able to work in the similar vein or fashion on any kind of the devices.

Online Timesheet System provides larger storage for multi-millions time entries data and allows business to process time entries or time records irrespective of a number of entries. All the data storage management along with the bandwidth is the prime and vital part of the system which is required for project estimates, staff estimates or any resource estimates.

All our timesheet entries which have been processed successfully are archived and used by the timesheet calculator, cost calculator and the resource management.  Online Time System allows retrieving all the historical data which may include employee’s timesheet or profile changes. They serve two purposes one it helps audit process secondly functions in term of emergency to provide data to the security team or the financial authority.

Online Timesheet System publishes all the time recorded data and emails to the appropriate personnel. All the published data is the processed data which can be used for recalculation and also billing or invoicing to the clients. Our Online Timesheet System has very basic payroll system which enables small companies and individuals to carry out manual pay slips and provide as a full-service provider. Due to this main reason as stop shop, our Online Timesheet System is the affordable system in the market.

  Plans of Online Timesheet Software  

We have predefined plans as per the demands of the customers. If you want to get it customized as per your needs then drop a mail on 

We are providing Free Online Timesheet Software

For up to 50 employees per employee cost 
£ 10 

  • A small business Online Timesheet software, provides full-time entry software, time recording software, online time tracking software. 

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For up to 200 employees per employee cost 
£ 8 

  • A medium business Online Timesheet software, provides full-time entry software, time recording software, online time tracking software. 

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For up to 500 employees per employee cost 
£ 7 

  • Large organization business Online Timesheet software, provides full-time entry software, time recording software, online time tracking software. 

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